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Swedish technology procurement method brings energy-efficiency around the world

Hans Nilsson, winner of the Swedish Energy Prize 2006
November 14, 2006 | Press release

– IVA and SWECO Theorells reward committed and determined pioneer

The 2006 Swedish Energy Prize goes to Hans Nilsson in Stockholm, an energy consultant at Fourfact AB and Chairman of the Demand Side Management Committee of the International Energy Agency, IEA . The year’s prize presenter is Ola Alterå, State Secretary to the Minister for Enterprise and Energy, Maud Olofsson and responsible for energy issues.

Hans Nilsson has been chosen for his efforts over the past 20 years to develop technology procurement into a method to accelerate the introduction of new energy-efficient technology among manufacturers, such as makers of heat pumps, white goods and lighting, both in Sweden and abroad.

“My role is similar to that of a broker, where I bring together buyers, customers and producers who are interested in new energy-efficient technology. This process also speeds up the product’s time-to-market compared to the case without technology procurement,” says prizewinner Hans Nilsson.

Electrolux AB earned the year’s Swedish Energy Prize honourable mention for its active and goal-oriented energy conservation initiatives in both product development and production. This has given the company a world-leading position in products of the highest energy-efficiency class across all segments of the white goods market. In the past ten years, energy usage has been reduced by more than half.

“People and companies around the world are saving energy thanks to the valuable efforts of the prizewinner and honourable mention winner. The saved energy, measured in so-called negawatts, reflects a longstanding and focused commitment to energy conservation,” says Karin Annerwall Parö, Managing Director of SWECO Theorells.
“We are proud to have won this honourable mention. Electrolux has worked intensively for many years to provide the market with energy-saving products and minimise energy usage in our own production facilities. This gives us further encouragement to continue this important work,” according to the representatives from Electrolux, Vice President for Environmental Affairs Henrik Sundström and Director of Energy Affairs Arne Pontenius, in a joint statement.

The Swedish Energy Prize is awarded to companies and organisations that make a particularly valuable contribution to energy conservation. The prize is being awarded for the twenty-third consecutive year.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) is an independent academy whose mission is to promote the engineering and economic sciences and the development of business and industry for the benefit of Swedish society. www.iva.se

SWECO Theorells is a complete building service systems consultant specialising in HVAC and plumbing, electrical, telecom, fire protection and building automation systems. The company is part of the SWECO Group, the Nordic region’s leading provider of consulting services with combined expertise in engineering, environmental technology and architecture. www.sweco.se

Swedish Energy Prize. www.sweco.se/storaenergipriset

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