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Transforming society together

Transforming society has never been a more relevant, daring, and inspiring challenge. Throughout our history, we have combined perspectives to solve the challenges of our time.​

Together with our clients and the collective knowledge of our 18,500 architects, engineers and other specialists, we co-create solutions that address urbanisation, capture the power of digitalisation, and make our societies more sustainable.​ We offer our clients the combination of global expertise and local understanding of their business and context. Our ambition is to be our clients’ most relevant partner and we aim to solve any challenge, no matter scale or location. ​

Solving the greatest societal challenges of our time is more relevant and inspiring than ever before.

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Financial Calendar

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  • Going Circular in Europe

    Cities have a key role in changing our economies from a linear approach or make-use-dispose to a circular economy where everything is re-used and nothing goes to waste. But how do you make a city completely circular and what should the first steps be?

    Listen to our latest podcast on how to make Europe’s cities circular.

  • Preventing Overshoot Day

    We’re living as if we had 1.75 planets to work from. How do we change that and create truly circular societies? In this podcast, we put the focus on what cities can do to prevent ‘Earth Overshoot Day.’ We look at examples from Glasgow, Copenhagen and Turku in Finland but also listen to the views of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and ICLEI.

    Listen to our latest podcast on how to prevent Overshoot Day.

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