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Q2 Financial Report and presentation

July 16, 2024 at 13:30 CEST

Welcome to join us for the Q2 Financial Report and presentation on July 16th. A webcast and telephone conference will be held following the release of the results, starting at 13:30 CEST. Please use the links below to register.

Webcast registration: Click here
Conference call registration: Click here

How to build heatwave resilience – A study of European cities’ preparedness

How to build heatwave resilience – A study of European cities’ preparedness

Europe is the continent where warming is occurring most rapidly, with temperatures rising approximately twice as fast as the global average.

Heat-related concerns are often overlooked in cities’ climate plans, especially for vulnerable populations, a new Sweco study reveals. Sweco’s analysis of 24 European cities highlights a lack of detailed data and vulnerability mapping across European cities.

The results have been published in a new Urban Insight report together with lessons learned, and recommendations for policymakers and urban sustainability practitioners.

Stories worth telling

IndustryJuly 10, 2024

Sweco’s comprehensive approach to industrial symbiosis 

Industrial symbiosis is created by using waste from one operation as a resource in another operation and is a subset of the circular economy. It is a method for increasing industrial circularity by promoting transactions of information and residues to provide economic and environmental synergies in a network of industry actors. Read more

Climate actionJune 26, 2024

Building heatwave resilience

Europe, the continent where warming is accelerating at the most alarming rate, faces a critical challenge: urban heatwave adaptation. A new Sweco study highlights this critical issue, revealing that European cities are struggling to keep pace with adaptation measures for the escalating heatwaves. Read more

Illustration of transport logistics and diffrent vehicle
IndustryJune 13, 2024

Transforming transport: How the automotive industry is going green

Transport CO2 emissions grew by 1.7% annually from 1990 to 2022 and must decrease by over 3% per year by 2030 to meet Net-Zero Emissions by 2050. Achieving this requires strong regulations, financial incentives, and investments in electric vehicles, power-to-X technologies, and biofuels. Read more

A global knowledge initiative by Sweco

Urban Insight

Urban Insight is a platform where we invite experts from all over the world to come together to develop and share insights, data, facts and solutions for how to plan and design the sustainable societies, towns and cities of the future. Experts from different disciplines and fields, generating insights and publishing reports, trend analysis, articles and podcasts.

Global and local activities will be organised during the year to inspire, and to open up for discussions about sustainable urban planning.

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The latest information for investors and the capital market.


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Urban Insight

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