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Sustainability at Sweco

Solving the greatest societal challenges of our time is more relevant and inspiring than ever before. Together with our clients and employees, we shape the sustainable communities and cities of the future.

Sustainability is business critical to Sweco

The greatest growth potential for Sweco is created by integrating sustainability into its own strategy and operations as well as into client projects. The green transition is driving demand for Sweco’s expertise and services, which can be instrumental in creating a more sustainable societal development.

Our greatest impact lies within our client projects

As Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy, Sweco has the expertise, potential and responsibility to actively support the green transition. In our client projects, Sweco identifies, shapes and applies the most innovative solutions with long-term consideration of people, the environment and society. Sweco also has a great responsibility to act as a forerunner in our own operations.

Sustainability Report 2022

Read more about Sweco’s sustainability work in the latest report.

Three perspectives on sustainability

Together with our clients, Sweco develops solutions with care for people, the environment and societies. Sweco’s sustainability work is based on three perspectives that illustrate ways in which Sweco can directly and indirectly promote sustainable development.

  • Carry out client projects that contribute to sustainable development
  • Increase sustainability performance in client projects
  • Act sustainably in our own operations

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Climate neutral by 2040

Urban Insight

A knowledge platform where we bring experts together to develop new innovations, ideas and solutions on how to plan and design sustainable cities and societies.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability forms an integral part of Sweco’s business and strategy.

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