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UN Sustainable Development Goals


Sweco works actively with the 17 goals for sustainable development, and contributes to most of the agenda’s 169 targets in client projects. This is confirmed by the results from Sweco’s employee survey, expanded in 2022 to cover the entire organisation, where 15,500 employees responded that all of the 17 global goals are to varying extents relevant for their work at Sweco and in client projects. Sweco has identified five goals as the most business-critical to the company’s operations, and those that Sweco as expert advisor has the greatest opportunity to influence in creating a more sustainable future together with its clients.

  1. Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation
  2. Goal 7: Sustainable energy for all
  3. Goal 9: Sustainable industry, innovation, and infrastructure for all
  4. Goal 11: Promote development of sustainable cities and societies
  5. Goal 13: Climate action


Sweco offers a holistic planning and design approach for tomorrow’s buildings and landscapes. Social sustainability is an essential element of our approach, with the goal of creating a more equal society with the citizens as the focus point. We also offer solutions to reduce cities’ climate impact, create circular flows and adapt to climate change. We endorse biodiversity by planning ecosystem services in our cities, working with green and blue infrastructure, conducting environmental analyses, and protecting nature against invasive alien species.

The transformative drivers for sustainable development are leading to an increased demand for modern technical solutions. With our combined expertise, Sweco contributes to living environments that are not harmful to man and nature. Our experts work in projects that span across the transition to more renewable and efficient energy systems, smart electricity grids, transforming industry to meet future needs as well as reducing hazardous emissions, recycling waste and ensuring access to clean water.

Sweco works with solving cities and regions’ future transportation needs. Sweco’s experts work on projects that include the planning and construction of new railways and tramlines and the design of public transport and pedestrian and bicycle paths. Sweco also works with digital mobility services such as MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and LaaS (Logistics as a Service) and helps the EU co-ordinate and plan new infrastructure.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability forms an integral part of Sweco’s business and strategy.

Sweco’s Sustainability Work

Sweco’s group-wide sustainability goal is to achieve climate neutrality by 2040.

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