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Working at Sweco

Do you want your work to make a difference?

Then Sweco is the place to be. At Sweco there is no distant future. We design it right now, ensuring that everything we need in society — from clean water and warm homes to efficient transportation and modern hospitals — becomes a natural part of tomorrow. Success requires a close collaboration with our customers and a deep understanding of their needs. A typical Sweco employee is approachable, committed to his or her customers, and has a recognised expertise. 

Our society never stands still

Just like any other society, it changes: more people join, new needs arise, and new innovations and ideas are developed. By working closely with our clients, we use our different skills and perspectives to create meaningful change with tangible results.   

We are empowered people who trust each other

Each of us are entitled to make decisions, take action and make a difference — allowing all of us to grow. While we do hold each other accountable, we believe that responsibility should always come with a huge amount of support. When in need, there’s always someone who can offer a helping hand.  

This makes us greater together.  

92 %

The response rate to our employee survey is 92 per cent.

88 %

Around 88 per cent reported in the employee survey that they have an excellent manager.


“I am proud to work at Sweco” scored 4,3 out of 5 in the employee survey.

Attracting talent

The fundamental requirement for attracting future talent is to offer an attractive, challenging workplace. Our involvement in shaping the sustainable communities and cities of the future allows us to offer an environment in which people can create meaningful results through their work. As a place where high client expectations are combined with colleagues’ broad-based and in-depth expertise, we offer an inspiring and stimulating environment. From early on, our consultants have great personal responsibility and work directly with our clients. For Sweco, it is crucial to emphasise employee development, results focus, expertise, knowledge sharing, and leadership. At Sweco we actively focus on experienced consultants, students and universities to market ourselves as a workplace.  

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We nurture tomorrow’s leaders

Sweco is a company that develops the leaders of tomorrow. Identifying leadership talent and giving these people the opportunity to be successful has always been a key element of Sweco’s corporate culture. We do this through training and through our organisational structure, with small teams and client-focused projects, in which consultants can advance rapidly in their careers. We also do this by being an organisation with inspirational leaders. In 2019, 87 per cent of employees reported that they have an excellent manager. 

We embrace differences

Workplace equality is essential in our efforts to develop our workplace as well as in our sustainability efforts. It is one of our prioritised goals and the UN’s fifth goal for sustainable development. Workplace equality is a key factor in the positive development of society and our workplace. Recruiting the best employees and reflecting the communities we belong to and develop are important components of Sweco’s strategy. We are convinced that we become truly innovative and identify the best solutions when people with different backgrounds, thoughts and ideas meet. An essential requirement for this is being a workplace hallmarked by equality and diversity. 

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Talent development at Sweco

At Sweco we believe development is important. We are a big company with opportunities for talented experts and leaders.   We have a common definition of what good looks like at Sweco through our Sweco Core Behaviours.  Our general competency model is meant to clarify what behaviours are valued internally as well as externally for any Sweco employee. We have additional competencies for our different career pathways; line manager, specialist and project manager. What is expected from a good leader, specialist or project manager should be consistent throughout Sweco.  

At Sweco our Sweco Core behaviours aim to describe what kind of behaviour we value at Sweco. They are: 

  1. Proactive
  2. Working with People
  3. Accessible and Collaborative
  4. Attentive and Committed
  5. Adapting and Responding to Change

The primary career paths at Sweco are as line manager, specialist and project manager. Sweco has solid processes in place to ensure that recruitment is based on competence and that ensures continuous development.  They include:  

  •  The Sweco Employee Survey: This annual survey measures how satisfied the employees are and how well the managers help them in their development.
  • Sweco Academy: A comprehensive collection of training programmes. It includes everything from introductory training for new employees to leadership programmes. 
  • Sweco Talk: This is our process for guaranteeing that each employee’s work and personal development are monitored carefully and thoroughly every year. 
  • Talent Review: Our process for identifying Sweco employees who have the potential to take on greater responsibility. 

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