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Sweco’s services

Creating the societies of the future together with our clients and 21,000 architects, engineers and other experts.

Global expertise with local understanding

The combination of architectural and engineering services has long been the key to Sweco’s success. Sweco’s long history is based on the engineers and architects that chose new paths, created never-beforeseen solutions and laid the foundation for sustainable urban development. In every era, preparing societies for future needs and challenges has always been at the heart of Sweco’s business. Today, Sweco is Europe’s market-leading engineering consultancy and the world’s fourth largest architectural company.

Sweco’s services, based on a combination of global expertise and local understanding, are offered through three business segments:

Digitalisation, architecture and sustainable urban development are connected with all parts of Sweco’s offering.



Sweco’s architects design buildings and environments for people to live, work and thrive in.

UN17 Village

Energy transition

Hydrogen has great potential as an energy carrier, a fuel, and to enable electricity storage. In addition to expanding the actual production of hydrogen, an adapted distribution infrastructure is needed. In the port of Ghent, Belgium, Sweco is working on the first twenty kilometres of what may become a nationwide system of pipelines to transport hydrogen throughout the country. Outside Helsinki, Finland, Sweco is the implementation designer for Finland’s largest air-to-water heat pump plant. The plant, which generates heat directly from outside air and waste heat from buildings, reduces CO2 emissions equivalent to the climate footprint produced by thousands of private individuals.

Digitalisation of Europe’s railway network

A new signaling system, the European Real-time Monitoring System (ERTMS) is being rolled out across Europe’s railway network. A prerequisite for increasing the automation and integration of Europe’s future high-speed trains, the system allows trains to be followed in real time rather than when passing specific measuring points, as has been the case. The system can also provide speed information, type of freight onboard, and how disruptions and delays may affect other trains. Sweco will be carrying out the ERTMS upgrade in Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland and Germany.

Sustainable expertise

Our work with sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure and access to electricity and clean water promotes sustainable development in line with the UN’s 17 global sustainable goals.

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Always close

Global company with local business

Sweco is a global company but with a local organisation. No matter what your business is, there is always a Sweco office close to you. Besides domestic projects and clients, Sweco also offers our services through project export to approximately 70 countries worldwide each year. For more information on Sweco’s offering, please contact your local Sweco through the links below.