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Do you ever imagine what the urban areas of the future will look like? We do no different. Every day. This is what we would like to share with you. How we design and develop this city together with our clients. Stories about great collaborations, cases, ideas and solutions. We like to inspire you with our stories, columns and news items.

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Resilient infrastructure

White paper: Resilient infrastructure

European cities and towns are not equipped to handle the amount of water that has fallen recently. This is because of how cities are designed, with a lot of asphalt, few green areas and dense buildings. In a new white paper from Urban Insight experts highlight five key lessons and recommendations for successful implementation. Read more

Andreas Gyllenhammar, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sweco

Halftime to the 2030 Agenda

Andreas Gyllenhammar, Chief Sustainability Officer at Sweco has been following the progress on the 2030 Agenda since the launch of the 17 SDGs. We met with Andreas to discuss what has been achieved so far, and what needs to happen to ensure that the SDGs can be kept. Read more

Delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals

As Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy, Sweco actively supports the world’s commitment to achieving the necessary transition in society as set forth in the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030. Read more

Resourceful societies

Design for the future

Architect Carlo Negri, one of the authors and the International Director for Architecture overseas projects at Sweco in Sweden emphasizes the importance of building resilience in the food system and using water in a resilient way to grow food. Read more

Child participation in climate adaptation

We want the local neighbourhood to be safe as well as enjoyable for everyone throughout the year. Involving children in redesigning their neighbourhood is important because their perspectives and wishes differ from those of adults. Read more


How can we plan and design public places that are attractive to everyone? At Sweco, architects, engineers and urban planners work together with the citizens, local authorities and institutional partners to redesign places and neighbourhoods. Read more

Children having fun on a colorful playground

Designing healthy schools and playgrounds

Sweco specialists present key measures on how to create healthier living environments and buildings – for education, social connections, physical activity, productivity, and recreation. Read more

Accessibility promotes social inclusion, participation and diversity

Urbanisation, digitalisation and demographic trends are placing new complex demands on people, and on society as a whole. At Sweco, architects, engineers and experts work side by side to navigate a changing world and improve people’s living conditions and well-being. Read more