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Three perspectives on sustainability


At Sweco, experts with different perspectives and knowledge gather to take advantage of innovation and technology and, together with our clients, contribute to the best solutions from all dimensions – environmentally, socially and economically.

  1. Carry out client projects that contribute to sustainable development

Sweco promotes a sustainable transformation by, for example, ensuring access to clean water, designing resource-efficient and resilient buildings, reducing climate impact from cities and industries, developing renewable energy solutions and preserving biodiversity.

  1. Increase sustainability performance in client projects

Apart from working with projects that by definition help improve sustainability, Sweco’s ambition is to work with its clients to develop even more business and sustainable solutions in existing projects. Sustainability performance is optimised by ensuring that Sweco’s consultants have the right skills and tools.

  1. Act sustainably in our own operations

As experts in sustainable transformation, Sweco also has a responsibility and great opportunity to act sustainably within our own business operations. Sweco’s group-wide target is to be climate neutral by 2040 and to halve its emissions by 2030. Sweco also places great emphasis on being an ethical company and an attractive workplace for current and future employees.

Transforming society together with our employees

We attach great importance to being an attractive employer for both current and future talent and leaders.

Climate neutral by 2040

Sweco’s group-wide sustainability goal is to achieve climate neutrality by 2040.

Business ethics

Sweco takes responsibility for our projects and the way we conduct our business.