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Buildings and Urban Areas


Innovative and sustainable urban development is essential to tackle climate change while improving cities’ mobility, social inclusion and economic development. Here you can read more about how our experts contribute to a sustainable transformation through our client projects.

Digitalisation to tackle climate change

Climate change increases the risk of extreme weather. In the last couple of years, several European countries have faced heat waves, forest fires and severe rain falls. Despite this, three-quarters of European cities have no action plan for managing climate change. Innovative and sustainable urban development is essential to tackle climate change and extreme weather conditions, while also improving cities’ mobility, social inclusion and economic development.

Working with property investor Vesteda, Sweco developed a software tool that specifies the risk of flooding and heat waves for the company’s entire property portfolio, along with initiatives that can be taken to reduce these risks.

Data-driven approach

Sweco’s consultants use digital tools in their complex calculations and visualisations of climate-related risks and costs for new construction projects as well as existing buildings. Our working method often reduces material and energy consumption, producing direct climate benefits and reducing costs. Sweco has developed a Carbon Cost Management service, where climate and cost are weighted equally in construction and infrastructure projects. Making a road one metre narrower or expanding the use of environmentally friendly concrete or wood are examples of measures for reducing a project’s climate impact.

Sweco has developed a cloudbased platform for digital twins, Sweco’s Twinfinity®. Using this platform, Vasakronan created digital twins of all of its 170 buildings.

Sustainable design

Sweco’s architects and engineers design buildings and city districts that are aesthetically pleasing and permeated with sustainability. With life cycle analyses and sustainable design, we apply circular material flows with regard to the way construction materials are produced, recycled and re-used in construction as well as renovation and demolition. Our global knowledge bank, combined with local presence and proximity to clients, is a key for success. Thanks to our global presence we are able to share unique insights across the company to the benefit of our clients.

Sweco was responsible for overall design of Lidl’s pilot store with a wooden construction in Riihimäki, Finland.

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Sustainability Report

Sustainability forms an integral part of Sweco’s business and strategy.

Sweco’s Sustainability Work

Sweco’s group-wide sustainability goal is to achieve climate neutrality by 2040.

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