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Our Strategy


We have a long history of profitable growth and see great opportunities to keep growing faster than the market with good profitability. Our strategy explains What, Where and How we will do it.

What we do

We deliver qualified consulting services in the fields of architecture and engineering, with focus on four segments:

One of our key strengths is our combination of architecture and engineering services, enabling us to both plan and design the sustainable communities and cities of the future. The demand for our services is driven by major trends in society such as urbanisation, digitalisation and sustainability.

Where we operate

Market Leadership

Sweco’s home market is Northern Europe. We have eight Business Areas that represent the 14 markets in Europe where we operate. Our goal is to have market leading positions in all Business Areas. Holding leading positions is crucial for our ability to offer our clients the broadest services, attract the best talent, and achieve economies of scale in our operations.

Besides domestic projects and clients, Sweco also offer our services through project export to approximately 70 countries worldwide each year.

Growing organically and through acquisitions

Historically, Sweco has grown profitably both organically and through acquisition. This combination is key in our growth strategy. Our starting point is organic growth, while acquisitions are made when they create value and strengthen our position and offering.

Since Sweco was listed, we have made more than 130 acquisitions. Our experience is extensive, and we will continue to be a driving force in the consolidation in the markets and segments where we operate.

Example of some of our 130+ acquisitions since Sweco was listed in 1998:

  1. Vectura, 2013
  2. Grontmij, 2015
  3. imp, 2018
  4. MLM Group, 2019
  5. TAG Arkitekter, 2020
  6. Optiplan, 2021

How we operate

The Sweco Model

How we execute our strategy is defined in our operating model, which we call The Sweco Model. It is based on four pillars: client focus, best people, internal efficiency and decentralised organisation. The model has been developed over time and has taken us from being a local business to becoming Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy.

Invest in Sweco

An investment in Sweco is an investment in tomorrow.

Our Responsibility

We set high ethical standards for ourselves and our business partners.

Our Services

We transform society together with our clients.

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