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Our strategy


A straight path to the vision

Sweco’s vision is to be Europe’s most respected knowledge company in the fields of consulting engineering, environmental technology and architecture. Focus is therefore on strategic growth areas in Sweco’s segment portfolio where the company will grow through organic growth and acquisitions.

A decentralised organisational structure, along with Sweco’s operational model, is fundamental for the company’s success. Sustainability and digitalisation are key, integrated elements of Sweco’s strategy and offering.

What we do

We deliver qualified consulting services in the fields of architecture and engineering, with focus on four segments:

One of our key strengths is our combination of architecture and engineering services, enabling us to both plan and design the sustainable communities and cities of the future. The demand for our services is driven by major trends in society such as urbanisation, digitalisation and sustainability.


Together with its clients, Sweco develops solutions with care for people, the environment and societies. Sweco’s sustainability work is based on three perspectives that illustrate ways in which Sweco can directly and indirectly promote sustainable development:

  • Carry out client projects that contribute to sustainable development
  • Increase sustainability performance in client projects
  • Act sustainably in our own operations
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Digital solutions are in many cases essential to the sustainable transition, and Sweco’s strategy is to work with clients to develop these solutions. During the year Sweco adopted a new digitalisation strategy that ensures digitalisation potential is maximised in client offerings and projects, as well as for internal efficiency purposes. Focus is on continued development of the client offering and client experience and creating, accelerating and expanding good initiatives

Focus on Europe

Sweco has a legacy of stable and profitable growth and continues to see good opportunities to grow faster than the market. Sweco’s strategy is to take market-leading positions in its core markets in Europe and to grow organically and through acquisitions.
The European architecture and consulting engineering sector is fragmented and characterised by strong consolidation. This has provided, and continues to provide, good growth opportunities for Sweco by broadening the company’s presence and service offerings through acquisitions.

Sweco strives to hold a top-three position in its core markets. A leading position is essential for attracting the best employees and meeting clients’ needs with the best solutions. In 2022 Sweco held top-three positions in five of its eight core markets.

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An active acquisition strategy

Sweco has completed more than160 acquisitions in the past 20 years. This is part of the company’s ongoing business activities and a key element in the strategy for continued growth. Through acquisitions, Sweco strengthens its geographical presence, its service offering and its expertise across Europe. Acquisitions are made based on two main and overlapping objectives: to strengthen and establish market-leading positions, and to develop the company’s offering with complementary, niche or specialised expertise.

Sweco’s acquisition focus is on economically strong markets. A professional and cultural fit is of paramount importance in Sweco’s evaluation of acquisition candidates, as acquired companies are integrated into Sweco’s organisational and operational structure and under the Sweco brand, with priority placed on proximity – both geographical and cultural – to existing markets.

Some of our 160+ acquisitions since Sweco was listed in 1998:

  1. Vectura, 2013
  2. Grontmij, 2015
  3. imp, 2018
  4. MLM Group, 2019
  5. TAG Arkitekter, 2020
  6. Optiplan, 2021

Operating model

How we execute our strategy is defined in our operating model, it is called The Sweco Model. It is based on four cornerstones: client focus, best people, internal efficiency and decentralised organisation. The model has been developed over time and has taken us from being a local business to becoming Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy.

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Invest in Sweco

An investment in Sweco is an investment in tomorrow.

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Our responsibility

We set high ethical standards for ourselves and our business partners.

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Our services

We transform society together with our clients.