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Buildings and urban areas

The world’s cities are growing, and growing fast. Today, half of the world’s population lives in cities, many of which are transforming to become more sustainable, digitalised and resilient. Circularity, climate adaptation and energy efficiency are areas that are increasingly driving demand for Sweco’s services.

Sweco’s services in buildings and urban areas

Urban areas

We at Sweco are experts at designing with a holistic perspective, whether it’s a brand-new city district or a building in need of modernisation. Our collective expertise, insight into local conditions and long experience of working closely alongside our clients are all key to our work.

Building service systems

Our building service systems consultants create comfortable indoor climates in buildings and facilities.

  • Energy analysis and environmental certification
  • Design of electrical, telecom and security systems
  • Fire safety engineering and risk analysis
  • HVAC and sanitation

Structural engineering

Our structural engineers create buildings focusing on safety and functionality, with load-bearing structures that harmonise with the overall design, indoor environment and the client’s business.

  • Steel, timber and glass structures design
  • Building construction design
  • Industrial structures design
  • Construction economics

Urban planning

Our urban planning experts bring the possibilities of tomorrow to our clients of today. We provide analysis and forecasts, as well as master plans for new sustainable city districts.

  • Statistics and forecasts
  • Analysis and strategy
  • Studies
  • Planning and design

Project management

Our project managers act as the link between the client’s vision and the tangible implementation of complex urban development projects.

  • Project and design management
  • Property development and management
  • Site supervision
Project managers on site during property development for Sweco


Sweco’s IT experts manage and process data, to streamline everything from transportation to water flows.

  • Systems development and big data
  • Data coordination and BIM
  • 3D visualisation and geographical analyses
  • Strategy and operational support
  • Twinfinity®
Sweco consultants looking at an illustration of a building

Sweco develops what has already been built and what does not yet exist

Understanding the big picture is essential for long-term success, and Sweco offers a wide range of services in buildings and urban areas with sustainability as a key component. Architects, engineers and environmental experts work side by side in tightly knit teams to find solutions to the most challenging and stimulating questions.

All services and expertise under one roof

Whatever the challenge, sustainability goal or project size, Sweco has all the expertise under one roof. Special attention is paid to climate adaptation as well as to emissions reduction, circular material flows and energy-efficient systems. Social sustainability is a key component in promoting a more equal, safe and inclusive society. Biodiversity is actively supported with work that includes planning cities’ ecosystem services, working with blue-green infrastructure and conducting inventories of nature conservation value.

In housing and urban development, sustainability and digitalisation go hand in hand, with new technology often a means of analysing, simulating and shaping the best solutions. The more complex clients’ challenges become, the more frequently Sweco’s teams span multiple disciplines and geographies.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

In buildings and urban areas, Sweco’s main contribution is to UN global goals SDG 11: Sustainable Cities, and SDG 13: Climate Action.