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Sweco is where experts meet

Real and meaningful change happens when people work closely together. For Sweco, the future is not distant – planning, designing and building for sustainable development is already underway. To succeed in this work, Sweco needs to have the best people in the industry and provide them with ideal conditions to collaborate, make decisions and perform in every client project.

Sweco voices

At Sweco, you work closely with the clients in creating the best solutions for their needs. Sweco trusts in its experts and gives them both autonomy and the right guidance. We believe that is the best way to achieve success for our clients and see our experts grow throughout their careers. Here, some of Swecos purpose-driven doers describe their careers at Sweco and talk about how they contribute to transforming society together, hand in hand with the clients.

Kaisa Narvio, Team manager projects and construction management

Meet Kaisa who, with a background as a registered nurse, focuses on the involvement of users, mainly patients and staff, in different healthcare construction projects. After more than 10 years of experience in dozens of healthcare related projects involving users, there is one project that Kaisa considers extra special. She involved the patients and staff at one of Finland’s forensic psychiatric hospitals in an architectural design competition, providing a space for those who are usually not heard to voice their valuable opinion.

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Atle Sørensen, business developer and product owner for digital products in Norway

Before becoming an engineer, I worked in media and IT. My work was fun, I learned a lot and it provided value for the company and its clients, but it lacked a clear connection to one of the core values of Sweco – value for society. That’s why I decided to become an engineer.

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Sweco’s international flair

Many Sweco subsidiaries are regularly involved in international projects. This means that Sweco’s experts are continuously exposed to new professional and cultural experiences. Because of Sweco’s training opportunities, they can continue to develop their skills in a way that positions them for a long career at Sweco.

An employee giving a testimonial at Sweco

Wouter Schils

Project Leader, Infrastructure, Sweco Belgium

When I started at Sweco, I was involved in a suppportive capacity on structural engineering projects. I collaborated with various teams to tackle technical issues and I worked on construction
sites. But soon, I wanted to work with really big projects. Now, my responsibilities encompass project co-ordination and structural calculations.

I work closely with people from all disciplines, with Sweco colleagues and others. This makes my job extremely exciting and challenging!

Wouter Schils

Marie Nokken

From adviser to head of department

Marie Nokken joined Sweco after graduating in 2009. Today she is head of department for more than 50 employees in the Construction and Environment Department in Oslo. She highlights the opportunity for development as one of the best things about the job.

 What is your role at Sweco?

I am Head of Department for Construction and Environment at the Oslo office. This is a newly established department comprising the specialist Geotechnics, Mining and construction technology and Environment groups. In this role, I am responsible for choosing the right projects, among other things, so that we can grow and develop our specialisms in a good way. We have many qualified and committed advisers in the department, and I am privileged to lead these people. Now my goal is to enable them to be the best they can be in their roles and to ensure that they have the best possible conditions for doing a good job.

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Marie Nokken Head of Department for Construction and Environment, Sweco Norway

Jesse Kantola

Unit Director, Sustainability Services, Sweco Finland

My work involves everything having to do with buildings’ energy efficiency and carbon footprint. We can make a real difference in the projects we do for our clients, and I appreciate this.

I like the flexibility Sweco offers – the option of working from home as well as at the office. At Sweco, my values are well aligned with my work activities. Sweco provides me with meaningful and challenging work and, most of all, is a really pleasant place to work.

Jesse Kantola video

Sabina Grote-Schepers

Architecture, Project Manager, Sweco Germany

I’m a building architect and architectural engineer, and I work on a wide scope and across disciplines. I have a lot of experience in planning hospitals, so I lead people in projects dealing with things
such as hospital workflows. I focus a great deal of attention on co-ordination with the users – the doctors and nurses.

We plan new projects and also improve work flows in existing hospitals. Each hospital has its own priorities and working methods


Sabina Grote-Schepers portrait

Wolfgang Deffner

Head of department Transportation & Water South

My professional career at Sweco began 18 years ago as a project engineer in the municipal water industry. Back then it was still the engineering firm Andreas Endres. 

Today, as head of department, I assume responsibility for more than 40 employees and contribute to the further development of our business line. 

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Wolfgang Deffner, Head of department transportation & water south, Sweco Germany

Steffen Moe

Project Manager

I have been able to develop over 39 years

Sweco gives you a lot of opportunities – you just have to seize these opportunities when they arise. I have never been stopped from trying something new or taking new paths. I have constantly been able to develop both as a manager in various departments and on a host of exciting projects. This is what genuinely made me stay at Sweco for 39 years

For example, I was given the opportunity to be project manager at DR Byen, one of the world’s most advanced multimedia houses with all its facilities under one roof. I have also been a project manager for all the station projects in Copenhagen, Copenhagen Central Station, Ny Nørreport and now Østerport Station, although it was never something that I had necessarily planned for my career. It opened up a journey where I have been allowed to move into completely new areas of project design and construction on the railway, while at the same time having to restore listed buildings, which are some of the most complex projects imaginable in Denmark. This has led to me now gaining unique expertise in an area that few people can boast of possessing.

Steffen Moe Project Manager, Sweco Denmark

More Sweco voices

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