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Water, Energy and Industry

The urban development of today comes with complex demands. Sweco’s speciality is to transform complexity into simplicity for our clients.

Access to clean water, a reliable energy supply and resource-efficient industrial facilities are examples of how Sweco’s experts help transform society together with our clients. Our experts within water, energy and industry have what it takes to handle challenges under evolving circumstances.


Sweco’s experts manage water for a variety of situations, ranging from providing access to clean water to protecting societies from flooding.

  • Water and wastewater engineering services
  • Water resource planning
  • Urban water management
  • Design of flood protection structures


Sweco’s environmental specialists create habitable environments that are not harmful through measures including reducing the presence of toxins and effective waste management.

  • Waste management planning and advice on remediation of contaminated areas
  • Environmental studies and impact assessments
  • Services related to chemical substances and associated legislation


Sweco’s IT experts manage and process data produced by the city to streamline everything from transportation to water flows.

  • Systems development and big data
  • Data coordination and BIM
  • 3D visualisation and geographical analyses
  • Strategy and operational support


Sweco’s energy experts know how energy is produced, distributed where it’s needed and consumed as efficiently as possible.

  • Energy production studies
  • Transmission and distribution planning
  • Energy market analysis
  • Energy optimisation advice


Sweco’s industrial consultants improve effective and resource-efficient production in all industrial operations.

  • Process engineering services
  • Plant design (electricity, automation, mechanics, piping)
  • Logistics planning and project management