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Transforming Society Together with Our Employees


People are our most valuable resource, and we attach great importance to being an attractive employer for both current and future talent and leaders. Sweco nourishes a culture of collaboration, personal development, equal opportunities, and we strive to offer constant learning where people are motivated by each other and the impact they have in society.

Shared values in a decentralised organisation

Our work creates an environment where our employees contribute to meaningful results. Offering an attractive and challenging workplace is essential for both attracting and retaining talents. By gathering experts with different experiences and knowledge, and by encouraging them to take responsibility and make their own decisions, we create results in our projects and a sense of pride and commitment among our employees.

We have five core behaviours that permeate our decentralised organisation:  Proactive, Working with people, Accessible and Collaborative, Attentive and Committed, Adapting and Responding to Change


  • To inspire and motivate every employee to take personal responsibility and collaborate closely with clients and colleagues.
Approachable and committed employees

Sweco’s strong client focus is the foundation for our successful model. Our client promise is to be the most approachable and committed partner, with recognised expertise. Our daily work is distinguished by close collaboration with our clients in exciting and challenging projects, making us an attractive employer locally and globally.


  • To be the most approachable and committed partner, with recognised expertise.
Competence sourcing, development and leadership

Sweco works with expertise, knowledge sharing and leadership to offer good development opportunities and an engaging work culture.

Sweco focuses heavily on individual development, which takes place in both client projects as well as internal skills and development initiatives. The majority of the trainings are developed and conducted in the local markets. On Group level Sweco Academy offers a variety of trainings including on-boarding, sustainability training as well as management training. For example, Sweco runs the LEAD programme for managers who have the potential to take on more senior positions.


  • To offer the best expertise for our clients’ needs.
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Equality, diversity and inclusion

Sweco is an international workplace with a supportive culture rooted in collaboration. We view diversity and inclusion as essential to creating an innovative and inspiring working environment, and actively promote equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, ethnic origin, nationality, religious belief, functional variations, sexual orientation or age. All employees are given equal opportunities for professional development in their existing fields or in new areas. Sweco has policies focused on eliminating salary disparities for identical or equivalent work. Gender equality is a fundamental priority in Sweco’s Code of Conduct and sustainability work, with a focus on the UN’s fifth Sustainable Development Goal.


  • A work environment free from discrimination, harassment and retaliations.
  • No unjustifiable salary disparities based on gender, age or background.
  • Equal access to professional development.


Health & Safety

Sweco has a zero-incident vision, with responsibility being shared between Sweco as an employer and Sweco’s managers and employees. We work systematically to investigate, conduct and monitor operations to prevent illness, incidents and accidents, and to continuously improve the work environment. We encourage all employees to report any incidents that occur. We are continuously working on reducing sickness absence.


  • No workplace accidents (Zero-Incident Vision).
  • Ensure systematic information, guidelines and training on health and safety.
Sweco consultants working with Bybanan in Bergen, Norway

Sustainability report

Sustainability forms an integral part of Sweco’s business and strategy.

Climate neutral by 2040

Sweco’s group-wide sustainability goal is to achieve climate neutrality by 2040.

Business Ethics

Sweco takes responsibility for our projects and the way we conduct our business

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