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Employees are Sweco


Sweco’s strength is based on the collective expertise of our employees. Being an attractive and stimulating employer for current and future talents is essential to Sweco’s business and the sustainable transformation of society.

83 %

of Sweco employees feel inspired in their daily work (2022: 79%)

35 %

percentage of women in Sweco (2022: 35%)

90 %

of Swecos employees feel they are treated equally and fairly regardless of background

A purpose that inspires and makes a difference

Sweco holds a strong position as sought-after advisor in complex, transformative projects. Sweco’s experts play a key role in many ground-breaking initiatives in renewable energy, circular resource management, electrification of transportation and industries, and the planning and design of urban areas and civil infrastructure. This has built a strong, purpose-driven culture with committed employees who are challenged to think outside the box and are inspired to create change in collaboration with colleagues, clients and society at large.

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Continuous development

Sweco’s ability to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions in client projects is based on the collective expertise of its employees. Continuous learning and professional development is essential for future-proofing the business. Sweco works with expertise and knowledge sharing to offer excellent development opportunities and an engaging work culture. Special focus is given to individual development, which is achieved in client projects and through internal skills development.

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Hi tech-girl!
New mentoring programme for women in IT, digitalisation and tech

In 2023, Sweco launched a new mentoring programme for young women and non-binary people who are students or at early stages in their careers, and who see a future in IT, digitalisation, tech, development and innovation. The programme runs for two terms, August 2023 through June 2024, with mentors from Sweco coaching their mentees in future careers and inviting them into their networks.

A workplace based on expertise and experience

To continue developing in its role as leading advisor in the transition of business, industry and society, Sweco needs to have the industry’s most skilled employees. Sweco focuses on skillsbased recruitment and employee development, and the company strives to reflect the diversity of the markets in which it operates. Sweco’s 1,700 teams are enriched by people with different expertise, perspectives and experiences. Equal rights and opportunities in the workplace are fundamental cornerstones of Sweco’s culture and Code of Conduct.

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Equality, diversity and inclusion

Sweco is an international workplace with a supportive culture rooted in collaboration. We view diversity and inclusion as essential to creating an innovative and inspiring working environment, and actively promote equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, ethnic origin, nationality, religious belief, functional variations, sexual orientation or age. All employees are given equal opportunities for professional development in their existing fields or in new areas. Sweco has policies focused on eliminating salary disparities for identical or equivalent work. Gender equality is a fundamental priority in Sweco’s Code of Conduct and sustainability work, with a focus on the UN’s fifth Sustainable Development Goal. In 2023, the share of women at Sweco was 35 per cent.


Health and work environment

Sweco works over the long term to ensure a healthy, inspiring workplace where employees thrive and develop. Sweco has a zero-incident vision, and the company’s work environment management is based on a robust management system for health and safety, environment and quality certified under ISO 45001. Many Sweco employees work on projects at client sites, where Sweco does not have direct control of the client’s work environment. Great importance is therefore placed on emphasising work environment aspects in the company’s business agreements and ongoing client dialogue.

Sweco consultants working with Bybanan in Bergen, Norway

Sustainability Report

Sustainability forms an integral part of Sweco’s business and strategy.

Climate neutral by 2040

Sweco’s group-wide sustainability goal is to achieve climate neutrality by 2040.

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Business ethics

Sweco takes responsibility for our projects and the way we conduct our business

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