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Sweco to conduct planning for section of the North Bothnia Line

July 7, 2021 | Press release

Sweco has been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration for the planning of the new section of the North Bothnia Line railway between Norra Tuvan and central Skellefteå. Work is expected to continue until 2031, with a total value of around SEK 200 million.

The North Bothnia Line is planned to connect Umeå and Luleå, which entails 270 kilometres of new railway along the Norrland coast in northeastern Sweden. Sweco’s assignment encompasses project planning and the preparation of construction documents for the section from Norra Tuvan to central Skellefteå.

“I am very proud that Sweco has been entrusted with the project planning for the key section through Skellefteå of the new railway that will connect two of the largest cities on the Norrland coast. This is a highly complex assignment that entails project planning for a new railway in an urban environment, and it’s critical that we apply an innovative and sustainable approach while minimising impact on the environment and surroundings,” says Jan Thulin, Division Manager for Sweco’s railway consultants in Sweden.

The area extends from the passage over the Skellefte River in the east and runs parallel to the existing railway through central Skellefteå. In addition to managing complex project planning in an urban environment, a number of sustainability aspects need to be taken into consideration, including social and economic aspects as well as ensuring that construction can be completed with minimal climate impact.

Preparation of the construction documents is expected to continue until 2024. Thereafter, advisory services will be provided until 2031. The order value amounts to approximately SEK 200 million.

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