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Sweco expands the road network in Poland and improves safety

February 27, 2019 | Press release

Sweco has been commissioned to design a total of 40 km of new road sections in Poland. The total order value is SEK 64 million.

Sweco, in consortia with local business partners, has been commissioned for planning and design of an 18 km section of the S7 expressway, between the Widoma junction and Krakow. One of the engineering challenges includes changing the course of the Dłubnia river and the Baranówka stream that flow through the planned route. There are also buildings of significant historical value in connection with the route that need to be taken into consideration.

In Lower Silesia, Sweco will be responsible for road safety improvement of 13 km of the national road number 8, considered to be one of the most dangerous stretches of the road network in Poland. In the Silesia area, Sweco will expand a section of the national road number 1 and in Częstochowa City, Sweco, in consortia with local business partners, will design the reconstruction of a section that is part of one of the largest road investments in the history of the city.

“The new roads will contribute to shortened travel time, increased traffic capacity as well as improved traffic flow and traffic safety. It will improve the living conditions for residents and stimulate the local economy”, advises Bo Carlsson, Senior Advisor at Sweco.

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