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Utilization of authorization in Sweco AB (publ) to repurchase own class C shares

May 10, 2016 | Press release

The Annual General Meeting of Sweco AB (publ) resolved on 14 April 2016 to authorize the Company’s board to decide on the repurchase of the company’s own class C shares in order to secure the company’s obligations in connection with the Share Bonus Scheme 2016 resolved upon by the Annual General Meeting.

Today, the Company’s board has decided to utilize the authorization for this purpose. Repurchase of class C shares will be made by an offer directed to the holder of all the outstanding 900,000 class C shares, not later than 31 May 2016, at a price of SEK 1.00 per share.

The Company currently holds 709,694 class B treasury shares and 900 000 class C treasury shares, representing 1,3 per cent of the total outstanding number of shares and 0.7 per cent of the votes in the company. 

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Anna Elisabeth Olsson

Head of Press and Public Affairs