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Swedish inventor cuts energy costs by half – IVA and SWECO Theorells reward innovative company in Lund

October 21, 2004 | Press release

Swedish inventor cuts energy costs by half – IVA and SWECO Theorells reward innovative company in Lund

Herman Lindborg saves energy for property owners with intelligent demand-controlled ventilation systems. He has been awarded the Swedish Energy Prize for this innovative technology which has been shown to reduce the energy cost for ventilating a property by half. The potential for future energy savings is enormous both in Sweden and abroad.

– The collegiate property developer Akademiska Hus in Lund uses our ventilation solution in several of its properties and anticipates energy savings of at least 50 per cent compared with conventional ventilation,” says Herman Lindborg, Managing Director of LindinVent in Lund.

Herman Lindborg has been awarded the Swedish Energy Prize for his development of the ventilation control system IDCC – Intelligent Diffuser for Climate Control. Older buildings that are ventilated with a constant airflow can be retrofitted with energy-efficient systems that are adapted to actual ventilation needs without compromising on air quality or comfort. This offers major potential for energy savings both in Swedish buildings from the 1960-70s and newly built facilities.

Locum earned honourable mention for its Negawatt project. Locum has energy and eco-labelled virtually its entire property portfolio, made up of some 2.2 million square meters of mainly technology-intensive space in Stockholm. In recent years the company has focused strongly on efficient energy usage and succeeded in reducing energy consumption in the portfolio by more than 27 kWh/m2 between the years of 1995 and 2003.

The Swedish Energy Prize is awarded to companies and organisations that make a particularly valuable contribution to energy conservation.

For additional information contact:
Carl-Erik Nyquist, Chairman of the Jury, telephone +46 70 230 13 33
Åsa Söderström Jerring, Managing Director of SWECO Theorells,
telephone +46 8 695 58 80

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) is an independent academy whose mission is to promote the engineering and economic sciences and the development of business and industry for the benefit of Swedish society. www.iva.se

SWECO Theorells is the Nordic region’s leading building systems consultancy for HVAC, sanitation, electricity, telecoms and systems integration. SWECO Theorells has the expertise and resources to plan and design advanced and fully integrated systems solutions for complex environments. www.sweco.se

The Swedish Energy Prize (Swedish only) www.sweco.se/storaenergipriset
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