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Sweco new partner for forest owner associations

May 11, 2009 | Press release

Sweco has been chosen to develop a next-generation solution for management of forestry plans, 3G Plan. The system will facilitate dialogue and cooperation between the forest owner associations and the individual forest owners. The development contract is extensive and will involve several of Sweco’s top experts in geographical IT.

The assignment is a joint initiative between Södra skogsägarna, Mellanskog, Norrskog and Norra skogsägarna through their central organisation LRF Skogsägarna (the Swedish Federation of Forest Owners).

The assignment is to design and develop 3G Plan so that it meets the current needs of the four forest owner associations and at the same time provides a platform on which to build for the future. The solution will facilitate the preparation of forestry plans and support the processes for administration of plans, as well as strategic and operative planning.

”We need a strong development partner. Sweco has many years of experience in developing geographical IT solutions for the forestry industry and has clearly shown its expertise and interest in building up a next-generation system for management of forestry plans,” Jan-Åke Lundén, the initiative-taker for the collaborative project at LRF Skogsägarna.

“Geographical IT can be used to improve efficiency in operations of most types. In the past few years Sweco’s activities in geographical IT have grown dramatically, above all with numerous new assignments for the forestry industry, the energy sector and the public sector,” says Eva Nygren, President of Sweco Sweden.

Anna Elisabeth Olsson

Head of Press and Public Affairs