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Sweco appointed advisor for increased resilience in Mozambique’s energy system

July 3, 2023 | Press release

Sweco has won an assignment to develop the preparedness of Mozambique’s national energy system and to develop processes for disaster management. The aim is to protect the country’s energy infrastructure and supply from increasingly frequent extreme weather events and rising sea levels. The client is the state-owned energy company Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM).

Mozambique’s long coastline and low-lying areas, below the current sea level, are highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. These effects include new temperature and rainfall patterns, rising sea levels, droughts, flooding and tropical cyclones.

The country’s energy system, which comprises hydropower plants, gas turbine units, power transmission and distribution networks, and the national operating and monitoring system can all be impacted or knocked out by a cyclone, for example. 

Sweco’s assignment encompasses an assessment of the current status and to develop preparedness and processes for disaster management, in line with national strategies for the country’s energy supply. 

“Around the world, increased resilience to climate change is a growing need and is particularly necessary within the energy sector and other crucial public functions. Preparedness needs to be raised ahead of time and the consequences managed when disaster strikes. This type of project is a perfect fit for what we do at Sweco,” says Conny Udd, Division Manager for Energy & Industry at Sweco Sweden.

Sweco has been working on projects in Mozambique for more than 30 years and is well versed in the country’s energy system. This mission entails collaboration by Sweco’s experts in energy, the environment and infrastructure with local and international partners. 

“Each year, Mozambique’s and EDM’s energy infrastructure is affected by extreme weather events such as tropical cyclones. Having Sweco as an advising partner is strategic in securing a national energy infrastructure that is more resilient,” says Marcelino Gildo Alberto, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EDM.

The project length is 12 months and has an order value of about SEK 5 million. Sweco’s assignment is part of an agreement between the governments of Sweden and Mozambique financed by Swedfund. 

“Climate change is contributing to an increasingly challenging environment for energy systems in many countries and the collaboration between EDM, Sweco and Swedfund aims to increase energy security in Mozambique,” says Karin Kronhöffer, Chief Strategy and Communications Officer at Swedfund.

About Swedfund:
Swedfund, a state-owned company, is Sweden’s development finance institution and aims to contribute to poverty reduction by investing in sustainable infrastructure and energy projects in the world’s poorest countries. 

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