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Number of shares and votes in Sweco after conversion

August 31, 2011 | Press release


By shareholder request, 3,399 class A shares have been converted to class B shares during August 2011 with the support of the conversion clause in the Articles of Association. The total number of votes thereafter amounts to 17,598,793.1, of which the class A shares correspond to 9,385,676 votes and the class B shares to 8,213,117.1 votes. The total number of shares is 91,516,847, of which 9,385,676 are of class A and 82,131,171 are of class B.

At the time of publication of this information, Sweco holds 698,320 class B shares in treasury, since the company continuously acquires shares based on the related authorisation granted by the 2011 Annual General Meeting. However, Sweco has no voting rights for the class B treasury shares. The share capital amounts to SEK 91,516,847

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Anna Elisabeth Olsson

Head of Press and Public Affairs