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Do you ever imagine what the urban areas of the future will look like? We do no different. Every day. This is what we would like to share with you. How we design and develop this city together with our clients. Stories about great collaborations, cases, ideas and solutions. We like to inspire you with our stories, columns and news items.

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Children having fun on a colorful playground

Designing healthy schools and playgrounds

Sweco specialists present key measures on how to create healthier living environments and buildings – for education, social connections, physical activity, productivity, and recreation. Read more

Accessibility promotes social inclusion, participation and diversity

Urbanisation, digitalisation and demographic trends are placing new complex demands on people, and on society as a whole. At Sweco, architects, engineers and experts work side by side to navigate a changing world and improve people’s living conditions and well-being. Read more

Strategies to redistribute street space

Motorised vehicles, moving or parked, currently take up 50 to 70% of the public space in European cities. Several cities across Europe are exploring changes in design strategies to improve their residents’ quality of life. Read more

Resilient societies

To become resilient special measures to ready our environments and communities need to be taken. A hazard rarely strikes alone. Resilience refers to the ability of systems to be robust and adaptable to changing conditions. It´s about short-term adaptation and long-term transition. Experts share insights on steps towards resilience – going from reactive to proactive. Read more