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Expert interview: How do we secure a future with sufficient clean water?

Health and safety risks are increasing across the world due to flooding, droughts, and polluted water. What can we expect from the future? In Europe, the sewerage and drainage systems are getting old, investments are needed to restore systems and to develop resilient water cities, considering a changing climate.

Steven Raes, waste water engineer explains how European cities access drinking water, how they are affected by an aging sewerage system and how to cope with future challenges of pollution. In the video 3 strategies are highlighted to develop healthier cities.

IPCC’s latest report shows that climate change is causing changes in weather patterns. “Europe is warming faster than the rest of the world”, IPCC says. “No matter how greenhouse gas emissions evolve, there will be more and more intense heat”. Dry areas will become dryer, wet areas will become wetter. In all possible climate scenarios, the intensity and distribution of precipitation is changing and the risk for heavy rainfall increasing.

Regional differences in Europe show that the Nordic countries will receive more rainfall and wind with a potential risk of flooding. West and Central European regions will see more and longer dry periods during the summer months with an elevated risk of wildfires.

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