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SWECO architects design yet another Chinese town

August 30, 2004 | Press release

SWECO has been commissioned to plan a new town outside Tianjin, the ancient city that is the closest seaport to Bejing. Success in the Chinese market continues for SWECO architects.

“We have carried out several assignments in China during recent years and this is further evidence that our expertise in planning, landscaping and design is internationally competitive,” advises Eva Nygren, Managing Director of SWECO’s architectural unit, SWECO FFNS.

The market in China is growing at an unprecedented level and the demand for modern homes in the expansive zones is great. Outside Tianjin, the ancient port city and gateway to Beijing, a new town will be built. The ambition is to create a town with a clear ecological profile and with a high level of environmental consideration.

“We won the assignment against tough competition. It is challenging to have the opportunity to plan the first stage of the town, which will become home to 20,000 residents. In the long run the town will grow to become a city with a population of one million plus”, advises Mark Ryberg, Manager of International Projects at SWECO FFNS.

The tempo in China is high and so the assignment is starting immediately. During autumn, the SWECO FFNS office in Malmo, Sweden will implement the assignment. The contract for the first stage of the town is worth approximately 650,000 euros to SWECO. Construction work is planned to commence during spring 2005. The assignment is being carried out for China’s largest property and development company, Vanke.

SWECO has previously planned a number of residential areas in China and has planned a similar town outside Shanghai, namely Luodian New Town, which gained its inspiration from the Swedish town Sigtuna. This town was inaugurated in June this year.

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