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Sweco takes next step in Poland – Acquires consulting company in Kraków with 155 employees

Mats Wäppling
June 30, 2010 | Press release

Sweco has acquired the Polish engineering consultancy Transprojekt Kraków, one of the country’s leading providers of consulting engineering services in the infrastructure area. The acquisition is the second in Poland in a short span of time, and Sweco now has around 190 consultants in the country.

The acquisition represents another step in Sweco’s strategic initiative to grow in Central and Eastern Europe.

“Through Transprojekt Kraków we will strengthen our position in a country with one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies and strong anticipated demand for our services in the infrastructure, energy and environmental segments. The aim of the acquisition is to create a competitive platform for continued expansion in Poland,” says Mats Wäppling, CEO of Sweco.

Transprojekt Kraków, with offices in Kraków, Katowice and Jaroslaw, offers consulting services mainly in the transport sector. Among other things, the company is planning important parts of the new A1 and A4 motorways and related sub-sections. The A4 runs through southern Poland and is one of the country’s largest infrastructure investments.

“Sweco is already among the leading water and environmental consultancies in Central and Eastern Europe. Now we are further advancing our position in the infrastructure area where we see good long-term demand for our services, among other things in connection with modernisation of the road and railway network,” says Mats Wäppling.

Earlier this year Sweco acquired the Polish consulting company Hydroprojekt Kraków, a provider of qualified consulting engineering services for hydraulic engineering and water resource management.

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