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Invest in longevity and sustainability

Sweco’s shares have been traded on Nasdaq Stockholm since 21st of September 1998. By investing in Sweco, you invest in the leading engineering and architecture consultancy in Europe.

An investment in Sweco is an investment in the leading engineering and architecture consultancy in Europe. As an investment, Sweco offers long-term growth supported by global sustainability drivers and industry consolidation. In addition, the unique operating principles – the Sweco Model – and increased scale are drivers for improved margin over time. The strong financial position, with stable operating cash-flow and relatively low leverage creates room for both continued value-creating acquisitions and stable dividend growth.

Share conversions

Share capital totalled SEK 121.1 million. The share capital is divided between 31,086,598 Class A shares and 332,164,859 Class B shares, representing 64,303,083.9 votes in the company. There are no Class C shares issued. The Class A and Class B shares are listed. Class A shares carry one vote and Class B shares carry 1/10 of one vote.

Sweco’s Articles of Association grant shareholders the right to convert Class A shares to Class B shares. 70,541 Class A shares were converted to Class B shares during financial year 2021 pursuant to the conversion clause in the Articles of Association. As of 31 December 2021, Sweco held a total of 5,766,387 treasury shares, all of which are Class B shares. Sweco’s treasury shares do not carry voting rights.

Largest shareholders

Sweco AB had 23,749 shareholders at year-end 2021. Their investment in Sweco contributes to our long-term growth strategy in which we are using our collective knowledge to advance societies.

Jarlahuset building in Stockholm - Sweden
Olof Stålnacke Chief Financial Officer, Sweco

Olof Stålnacke

Chief Financial Officer


We have a market leading position in Europe and are well-positioned for future profitable growth.

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The four key reasons why to invest in Sweco

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Financial reports

Sweco’s financial reports and presentations are available for download.