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Business areas

We are where our clients are. Sweco aims to be our clients’ most committed partner with recognised expertise, and local presence is key to that.

Sweco’s business areas

Sweco’s home market is Northern Europe. The business is operated in eight geographical business areas covering around 15 markets in Europe. Sweco also conducts project exports to many countries throughout the world.  Our business areas are:

How and where we operate

While we are focused on growing in Northern Europe, Sweco continuously carries out projects together with our clients across the world.

Sweco’s eight business areas covering around 15 markets

Allthough Sweco’s main focus is Northern Europe, each of the business areas and markets participate in projects all over the world.

A map of where Sweco operates

Our headquarters

The Sweco HQ is not your usual office space

Our services

We transform society together with our clients

Our history

Sweco was not built in a day. In fact, our history

An old historic Sweco photo with a man standing in front of a wood bridge and a river flowing under it