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Urban Insight, an international knowledge initiative

What is Urban Insight?

Urban Insight is an international knowledge platform where Sweco bring experts together to develop insights, new ideas and solutions on how to plan and design sustainable cities and societies.

Launched in 2018, Urban Insight has released more than thirty reports covering themes such as sustainable mobility and transport, the energy transition, climate action, health and well-being, circularity and resilience.

Sweco are working with our clients and partners to create a more sustainable future. To enable us to share the knowledge we acquire and the lessons we learn – in terms of both local knowledge and global capacity – in the development of towns and cities throughout Europe, Sweco has launched a global initiative we call Urban Insight.

Designing attractive, functional urban areas requires innovative thinking, an understanding of the European perspective, and in-depth knowledge of what works locally. Taken together, this means having Urban Insight.

Urban Insight is based on a collaboration between experts, from different disciplines and fields, generating insights and publishing insight reports, trend analysis, newsletters, articles, podcasts and press releases. These insights are shared throughout on this Urban Insight website.

Global, national and local activities are organised regularly. The activities and reports are meant to inspire and to open up for discussions about the best solutions and how to take action together.

Together with specialists around the world, Urban Insight explores themes such as:

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Urban Insight provides information on lessons learned based on data, facts and expertise. As Europe’s leading engineering and architecture consultancy, with more than 150 000 projects annually and 22 000 experts, Sweco is building on a knowledge base that is unrivalled in our industry. Our insight reports provide the latest solutions and methods for sustainable urban development. The initiative takes a multidisciplinary approach and aims to develop insights into the development of towns, cities and societies, focusing on the citizen.

Urban Insight is based on a number of insight reports written by Sweco’s experts. The knowledge initiative was launched by Sweco in 2018, and since that time, it has a reach of more than 37 million  through media and news articles alone.

Together with our clients and the collective knowledge of Sweco and other specialists and scientists, we co-create solutions to address urbanisation, capture the power of digitalisation, and make our societies more sustainable.

Explore the reports and share your thoughts and ideas with us. Ensure that you have the right knowledge to deliver the best sustainable solutions.

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Come and grow with us. Do you want your work to make a difference? Then Sweco is the place to be. At Sweco, we bring different expertise together to design the best solutions. Together with our clients and the collective knowledge of our architects, engineers and other specialists, we co-create solutions that address urbanisation, capture the power of digitalisation, and make our societies more sustainable.

Terminology used in Urban Insight

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