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‘Towards Circularity‘– Welcome to the new Urban Insight Theme 2022!

This year, Sweco´s cross-border knowledge platform, Urban Insights, will highlight and discuss the transition towards greater sustainability and circularity in urban areas. Together with experts, scientists and the public, we will discuss key steps we must take to achieve net zero cities and societies.

Did you know?

  • The global economy is calculated as being only 8.6% circular
  • A city the size of Paris must be built every week for the next 30 years to accommodate global population growth.
  • A circular economy holds particular promise for achieving multiple sustainable development goals
  • More than 50% of CO2e emissions from heavy industry can be cut through a circular economy

Read the trend report: Circular construction – an opportunity we can’t waste

This report identifies 3 key trends. It presents case studies on circular activities and puts into focus the circular use of materials and digital tools, and identifies the steps taken to accomplish greater circularity.

How do we transform cities and societies together?

Increased circularity – a vital consideration to tackle the climate crisis, prevent biodiversity loss and address crucial social needs.

Global and local initiatives will be organised during the year to inspire, and to open up for discussions about sustainable urban planning. We aim to bring together experts to build better societies of the future. Share our knowledge and yours through Urban Insight.


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