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Do you ever imagine what the urban areas of the future will look like? We do no different. Every day. This is what we would like to share with you. How we design and develop this city together with our clients. Stories about great collaborations, cases, ideas and solutions. We like to inspire you with our stories, columns and news items.

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Self-sufficient cities at Dutch Design Week

The world is changing. Extremes are the order of the day. It is either too wet or too dry, too hot or too cold. Raw materials and energy are scarce, and we lose dozens of square miles of valuable nature every day. We need to embrace them. This means going back to the basis, to our origin. Being self-sufficient is closer than ever. Read more

Podcast: Preventing Overshoot Day

We’re living as if we had 1.75 planets to work from. Our ecosystems can’t regenerate in line with the amount of resources we’re using. So, how do we change that and create truly circular societies Read more

Podcast: Going Circular in Europe

While the race is on to reduce emissions in Europe’s cities, how can they create a long-term net-zero future and move to a circular economy. Read more

Podcast: Building Back Better

A city the size of Paris must be built every week for the next 30 years to accommodate global population growth. How do we rebuild our cities and towns in the face of climate change? Read more