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Urban Insight

Building the future through circular data

In this  Urban Insight report we highlight best practice and next practice tools to mine circular values in buildings, avoid emissions, save money and attract green capital.

What if you could save 3,600 tonnes of carbon emissions, or EUR 11.5 million, in a single building, or EUR 750 per square metre? That’s just what we did when we upcycled a warehouse in central Stockholm to create the Blique hotel. If we apply the same calculations to 1,000 similar European buildings, we could save more than EUR 11.5 billion. Imagine, what could you do with 11.5 billion euros? That would cover the investment needed to construct the world’s largest offshore wind farm, Dogger Bank, in the North Sea.

Solving the greatest societal challenges of our time is more relevant and inspiring than ever before.

Stockholm +50

Webinar: Towards circularity – sharing and scaling up the accelerators

Sweco has been accredited to participate in the UN summit Stockholm+50. In connection to the conference, Sweco hosts a panel discussion addressing circular economy as a catalyst for transformative change in societies and economies around the world. Andreas Gyllenhammar, Chief Sustainability Officer at Sweco will moderate the panel with participants from the world of science as well as the business community and political decision-makers.

Date: 3rd of June 2022
Time: 11.00 – 12:10 CET

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