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Conducting business in an ethical way is fundamental for Sweco’s long-term success and contributes to sustainable development in the world. Our codes and policies are mandatory to follow for our employees.

Business ethics is a great part of Sweco’s sustainability commitment. By protecting human rights and fighting corruption, we take responsibility for sustainable development as a company as well as the development of the markets where we operate.

Sweco is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals agreed by the United Nations. We see our commitment to business ethics as an important part of our work towards goal number 16 – promoting peaceful and inclusive societies with effective and accountable institutions at all levels.

Our employees are obligated to comply with the Code of Conduct and the company’s policies, some of the most important ones are listed below.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines how we – as a company, as teams and as employees – should act, towards each other, towards our clients, business partners, suppliers, competitors, and authorities and in every other situation where we represent Sweco. All employees must sign our Code of Conduct on an annual basis. To read our Code of Conduct, click here.

Business Partner Programme

We set high standards for ourselves and our employees and demand the same level of compliance from companies we work with. Sweco’s Business Partner Programme is a tool used to select business partners and ensure they comply with our own ethical standards. The programme is used to educate current and prospective partners with our codes and policies. To visit our Business Partner Portal, click here.

Regular review and reporting

Business ethics and data privacy awareness underpin the entire operation of Sweco. Business ethics and data privacy are standing items on reviews with Sweco’s Business Areas, and risks are reported to Sweco’s Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

Local guidelines

In addition to the Code of Conduct and policies listed on this page, Sweco’s business areas may also have supplemental guidelines based on local regulations. The local guidelines may however only provide for more stringent regulations than the Code of Conduct and the Group policies.

Compliance documents

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is in the DNA of our strategy.

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Investor Relations

More about Sweco’s strategy

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Commitments and Initiatives

Our commitments and frameworks help us reach our highly set sustainability goals.

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