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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is the AGM’s body for preparing resolutions related to appointments, and is tasked with preparing material to assist the AGM with these matters. Apart from proposing the composition of the Board, the Nominating Committee submits recommendations on AGM chairman, Board members, Chairman of the Board, Board fees (broken down per Chairman, other Board members and committee membership) and election and remuneration of auditors.

The General Meeting has adopted instructions for the Nominating Committee which can be downloaded here.

During 2022 the Nominating Committee focused primarily on i) monitoring and evaluation of the Board and its performance, ii) discussion and analysis of the Board’s competency requirements based on Sweco’s operations, and iii) proposals for Board composition and compensation matters ahead of the upcoming AGM.

Nominating Committee ahead of the 2023 AGM of Sweco

According to the current instructions for the Nomination Committee, the Chairman of the Board of Directors shall convene a Nomination Committee comprising three or four representatives – one representative appointed by one of each of the three largest owners of the company as of the last business day in August 2022, together with the Chairman if he/she is not a member in the capacity of shareholder representative. The names of the Committee members, together with the names of the shareholders they represent, shall be made public not later than six months before the 2023 AGM, and shall be based on the known number of votes held immediately prior to the publication.

The Nominating Committee ahead of the 2023 AGM therefore consists of Eric Douglas, representing Investment AB Latour, Birgitta Resvik, representing the J. Gust. Richert Memorial Fund, and the Chairman of the Board Johan Nordström, representing Skirner Förvaltning AB.

The Nominating Committee has elected Johan Nordström to be the chairman of the Committee.

Proposals from shareholders to the Nomination Committee can be addressed to Johan Nordström, phone no: + 46 8 463 37 60, e-mail: johan.nordstrom@skirner.se

The proposals from the Nominating Committee will be made public in connection with the notice of the AGM, at the latest.

Stockholm October 17, 2022