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Transport architecture

Transport architecture for sustainable travel

Imagine stepping onto a train to a destination of your choice. Perhaps the destination is a new city that you have not visited before and are looking forward to exploring, or maybe it is a place where you have been many times before, a place filled with memories and loved ones.

It’s not just the destination that is important, but also the journey itself. We are experts in designing travel environments and take on everything from bicycle garages to train stations, arrival halls, airports, and bridges – always with a focus on holistic solutions. With architecture as a tool, we can transform travel to be more sustainable.

Transport architects with a holistic view of mobility

A train station, airport, or transport hub has a significant value for a location, it is the first thing you encounter and the last thing you see. It is a place that many people pass through and should remain functional for a long time – sometimes even for centuries. Therefore, it is important to have a circular and holistic view of mobility throughout the project.

Our ambition is to create places that people want to be in, whether they are on their way somewhere or meeting someone in the arrival hall, where unforeseen waiting time can be utilised. The result of our mission is a place that brings life and positive qualities to both the surroundings and the people who pass through. We have identified five keywords as a guide to achieve this: accessible, safe, sustainable, timeless, and beautiful.

Sustainable infrastructure – a key component in climate transition

Transport infrastructure and travel environments are crucial puzzle pieces in the climate transition, and the entire sector is facing significant changes. Many forms of transportation will shift from air and road to rail. At the same time, cars and buses are evolving to become fossil-free and autonomous, and bicycle paths are being developed as cycling highways. It is a gigantic transition that we participate in with dedication, curiosity, and excitement.

With attractive architecture and innovative solutions, we create conditions for the journey to be a positive overall experience for the traveller, whether the mode of transport is a bicycle or a high-speed train. A sustainable journey towards the future!

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