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Office architecture that inspires and motivates

An office is a meeting place for different people with different skills but by far, the most important component for a thriving business is the people who work there. They need healthy, ergonomic environments where they feel good, get motivated, and can have peace to work. Our surroundings play a significant role in helping us to be able to think creatively and have a productive day. Moreover, we spend a large part of our day working. That’s why we believe it’s extra important to create spaces where everyone can feel comfortable.

An office functions as the face of a company and enhances how the brand is perceived. Through the design of the office, you can influence how aspects such as culture, atmosphere, and sense of community are perceived. It should be a place that attracts new recruits and also a place where proud employees can be productive and want to stay.

Sweco’s architects have broad expertise and solid experience in architectural design, technology, and specialised knowledge, to be able to deliver the highest quality in all areas that the project may touch upon.

Choosing the right architect for sustainability-focused offices

In every project, we begin with close collaboration with our client, to understand the organisation’s working methods and needs. This allows us to arrive at tailor-made results. It lays the foundation for us to design and maintain brand-building ideas and concepts for the client that will stand the test of time. It is also in the early stages of the process that we can establish principles for structure, layout, and interior design to create smart and efficient spaces. We embrace circular thinking in the early stages so that climate adaptation always becomes an integrated part of the design and appearance of the building.

Office design with flexible solutions

The definition of a workplace and our expectations of it are currently undergoing significant change. Exciting and flexible environments are emerging from new needs and expectations, such as co-working spaces and various hybrid environments. This challenges us to think innovatively and creatively, to continue creating sustainable buildings and environments where people can work and thrive, as part of the puzzle of life.

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