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Landscape architecture

Landscape architecture is more than just park design

In 1853, a competition was announced to design a park on the outskirts of northern New York. Almost two centuries later, the green area has shaped the rest of the city, and in the middle stands the world’s most iconic green oasis – Central Park. It is a successful example where landscape and city are intertwined, and the environment has become part of the city’s identity. It is difficult to imagine New York without the large park that enhances the quality of life for those who visit the area and the properties surrounding it.

The outdoor environment is becoming increasingly important

In our societies, the outdoor environment is crucial to improving people’s well-being and living conditions. Urbanisation and increasing populations mean that we are living in increasingly dense areas, which places higher demands on our shared spaces. Public spaces provide the settings for meeting places, and with thoughtful design, they contribute to social sustainability and accessible, safe environments for everyone.

Currently, we see a positive growing trend and demand for landscape architecture services. Many municipalities require new urban areas to have a certain amount of greenery, which Sweco’s architects welcome wholeheartedly.

Choose a landscape architect with care

Each project is unique, and curiosity and understanding of the site and existing qualities are prerequisites, combined with structured thinking and a holistic approach. We often collaborate with other architects and experts from different areas within Sweco to create the best conditions for successful projects. Together, we have knowledge and experience in working throughout the chain – from early sketches to detailed design of everything from parks, schoolyards, and nature areas to entire neighborhoods and infrastructure facilities. Incorporating ecosystem services and integrating them into the design is a natural part of our assignments. We take advantage of the qualities that exist on the site and add new ones to fully realise the site’s potential.

When we design landscapes, we start with the human dimension, the spaces in between, and the urban fabric to create green and pleasant surroundings that enhance the quality of life and provide joy and benefits for both people and the ecosystem.

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