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Do you ever imagine what the urban areas of the future will look like? We do no different. Every day. This is what we would like to share with you. How we design and develop this city together with our clients. Stories about great collaborations, cases, ideas and solutions. We like to inspire you with our stories, columns and news items.

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Self-sufficient cities at Dutch Design Week

The world is changing. Extremes are the order of the day. It is either too wet or too dry, too hot or too cold. Raw materials and energy are scarce, and we lose dozens of square miles of valuable nature every day. We need to embrace them. This means going back to the basis, to our origin. Being self-sufficient is closer than ever. Read more

Young women included in urban planning

Lack of activities and lighting, no place to sit, and a feeling of insecurity. This is how many young girls experienced Fittja Square, in Botkyrka, Sweden, where the Her City method was developed. Sweco now offers guidance on the method, which is based on including girls in urban planning and creating a more equal urban environment. Read more

Sweco Transform Award recognises students

In 2022, Sweco Denmark launched the 'Sweco Transform Award', directed towards graduating students within architecture, engineering, and construction in their final year of study. Read more

Sweco to participate in design Aarhus stadium

A team of British Zaha Hadid Architects in close collaboration with architecture and engineering consultancy Sweco and Tredje Natur architects has won the competition of designing and building the new stadium in the City of Smiles. Read more

national flags COP27

Outcomes of COP27

Andreas Gyllenhammar provides an in-depth analysis of the key outcomes and business implications of this year’s UN Climate Conference, COP27. Read more

Andreas Gyllenhammar, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sweco

Gearing up for COP27

Andreas Gyllenhammar, Chief Sustainability Officer at Sweco, dives into the expectations and analyses the setting of this year’s UN Climate Conference, COP27. Read more

The imperative of energy efficiency

The cleanest and cheapest source of energy is the one not being used. Current challenges related to energy security, energy prices and the mitigation of global warming make it clear that energy efficiency has a significant untapped potential. Read more