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Sustainability Strategy

We transform society together with our clients, keeping sustainability at the core of every project.

Leading the change

Sustainability is business critical to Sweco. We are highly engaged in finding ways to create, plan and shape the sustainable societies of the future together with our clients. It is in our client projects that we have the greatest opportunity to make a difference. We carry out more than 80,000 projects every year in over 70 countries worldwide. By offering our expertise, we can contribute to sustainable development in multiple ways, such as access to clean water, development of efficient infrastructure, and the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

However, the business practices used to achieve these results are important. Our anti-corruption efforts are as important in our home markets as in our export projects. We also support and respect human rights, as defined by the UN in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We do not tolerate child labour, forced labour, contemporary forms of slavery, debt bondage or human trafficking in any part of our own operations or in the operations of our business partners. Further, we actively promote equal rights and opportunities in the workplace regardless of gender, ethnic origin, nationality, religious belief, disability, sexual orientation or age, both within our company and in our relationship with external stakeholders.

Did you know?

Sweco’s ambition is to deliver more than our clients ask. An example of this can be found within Sweco’s railway engineering services in Sweden, where we in large-scale projects have decided to deliver an emission reduction that is five percentage points higher than the client’s request.

While Sweco’s greatest contribution to sustainable development happens in our client projects, we also set ambitious targets for our own operations. Sweco’s goal is to become climate neutral no later than 2040, and to be a frontrunner in sustainability in all our markets where we operate.

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The SDG:s are a part of our business

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are to be reached by year 2030. Sweco is committed to meet the goals, and the goals form a vital part of our business as experts developing the sustainable society of tomorrow for our clients. On group level, Sweco has identified which of the goals that are most business critical and where we have the greatest ability to make an impact in our projects. These goals are:

  • Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation
  • Goal 7: Sustainable energy for all
  • Goal 9: Sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure for all
  • Goal 11: Promote development of sustainable cities and societies
  • Goal 13: Climate action
United Nations sustainable development goal logo

Helping clients navigate the Goals

When working with projects at large scale and with great impact, a risk of conflicts between the different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) always exists. Promoting socioeconomic development within the limits of the natural environment takes knowledge and experience.

Work colleagues at Sweco collaborating and making plans to help their clients
The experts at Sweco help our clients to navigate these complex matters to avoid goal conflicts and instead optimise synergies between the goals. In order to do this, we have developed the Sustainability Sun, to visually display the impact the project has in relation to the SDGs.
– Mattias Goldmann, Chief Sustainability Officer at Sweco.

The Sweco Sun

United Nations 17 sustainable development goals as a figure with different colors

No Poverty


Zero Hunger


Good Health and Well-Being


Quality Education


Gender Equality


Clean Water and Sanitation


Affordable and Clean Energy


Decent Work and Economic Growth


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Reduced Inequalities


Sustainable Cities and Communities


Responsible Consumption and Production


Climate Action


Life below Water


Life on Land


Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


Partnerships for the Goals

Our 2040 Target

Sweco’s goal is to be climate neutral no later than 2040.

Office rooftop with people in the gras, trees and purple skies in the background

Commitments and Initiatives

Our commitments and initiatives help us reach our ambitious sustainability goals.

Hand charging an electric car (EV) with the power cable supply plugged in


Maintaining a high standard of business ethics is key to a sustainable company.

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