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Our 2040 Target


Sweco’s group-wide goal is to be climate neutral no later than 2040. We strive to be frontrunners in all markets where we operate.

Leading up to the final target of being climate neutral by 2040, we plan to halve our emissions by 2030 compared to 2020. Our 2040 target comprises all the three scopes within the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG). We have also committed to the Science Based Targets initiative and set emission reduction targets in line with SBT’s Business ambition for 1.5°C.

The target uses 2020 as the base year, and all reduction of emissions during the coming 20 years will be measured against this year. 2020 was a year where large parts of our workforce worked from home and business travel was heavily reduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The emissions during this year has therefore been lower than an average year, making our target very ambitious.

2020 in numbers

  1. 18,249 tons in total CO2e emissions (scopes 1, 2 and 3 in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol)
  2. 2,320 tons CO2e in emissions from bought products and services
  3. 48% renewable energy in our offices
  4. 20% of the vehicle fleet runs on electricity or are hybrid vehicles
  5. 6% of travelled distance by air travel, which accounts for 15% of business travel emissions
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Frontrunners on all markets

Our decentralised operating model allows for Business Areas to develop their own goals. – many times more ambitious than the group level target. For example, Sweco in Sweden, Belgium and the UK aims to be climate neutral by 2030 already.

Our vision is that every Business Area acts as a frontrunner on the climate and environmental area in their markets. Their own goals and actions should be more advanced than the nationally agreed climate goals.

Illustrated below is the timeline of when each market aims to reach Sweco’s target in their respective markets.

Local climate neutrality goals


Sweco Belgium

Sweco Sweden

Sweco UK


Sweco Finland

Sweco Netherlands



Sweco Norway


Sweco Bulgaria

Sweco Czech Republic

Sweco Denmark

Sweco Germany

Sweco Lithuania

Sweco Poland



Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability forms an integral part of Sweco’s business and strategy.

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Sustainability Report

Sustainability forms an integral part of Sweco’s business and strategy.

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Maintaining a high standard of business ethics is key to a sustainable company.

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