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United Nations sustainable development goal number 7 - affordable and clean energy
United Nations sustainable development goal number 9 - industry, innovation and infrastructure
United Nations sustainable development goal number 11 - sustainable cities and communities
United Nations sustainable development goal number 13 - climate action

Powering people and protecting the planet

Urban energy consumption accounts for around 60 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.
As the populations of urban cities continue to increase; reducing the environmental impact of urban growth on the climate, while also supplying society’s need for energy will continue to be a challenge.

Sweco’s experts deliver the best energy conversion solutions at every stage of the conversion from fossil to renewable energy. From reports and studies, to projects with battery technology, city- and nationwide charging infrastructure, energy production, storage facilities and distribution, our experts work with all types of electrification questions.

An electric car is being charged

Urban Energy was the topic of the Urban Insight reports during 2019

Expert's from Sweco discussing renewable energy in the sunset with wind turbines in the background

Renewable energy sources was a central theme in the report

Towards an electrified society

The electrification of society using electricity produced from renewable sources is one of the best things we can do to counteract negative climate impact. Sweco employees work daily on this conversion.

Some of the complexity and challenges to achieving a more electrified society require new charging infrastructure and better battery technology. The energy produced also needs to be able to be stored and used more efficiently with less waste.

While electrification is required from a climate perspective, it presents a challenge for our energy systems. One of the key issues is how the electricity grid will cope with the conversion. Sweco’s experts predict that electricity consumption will increase dramatically.

Constructing new electricity grids or reinforcing existing grids is part of the solution.

Sweco has been working with “smart” electricity grids for several years, and has been advising energy and grid companies about methods which can be implemented for smarter and more flexible usage of grids to evenly distribute the load on the grid over the day and throughout the year.

Big data analysis helps harness consumption

Sweco has helped companies, regions and government authorities’ study the electricity consumption of their clients and citizens over 24-hour, weekly and annual periods, as well as compiling possible future scenarios.

The calculations are based on up to hundreds of thousands of individuals, enabling accuracy and the identification of trends and patterns that indicate how electricity consumption can be controlled or stimulated to maximise the existing grid’s capacity.

Results from these studies can be used, for example, in pricing strategies for network tariffs.

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