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World’s first energy island


Danish Energy Agency



United Nations sustainable development goal number 7 - affordable and clean energy
United Nations sustainable development goal number 9 - industry, innovation and infrastructure
United Nations sustainable development goal number 11 - sustainable cities and communities
United Nations sustainable development goal number 13 - climate action
In constructing the energy island, the Danish Energy Agency is facing a very exciting but also very complex task. In this context, we need specialised technical assistance, for example to establish functional requirements for the North Sea energy island. – Mads Krogh, Head of Program for Energy Islands at the Danish Energy Agency.

Sweco is involved in the historic work of building an artificial energy island approximately 100 km off the west coast of Denmark. The energy island is being constructed for the large-scale production of offshore wind power and will produce enough renewable energy to meet the needs of around three million households in the first stage and later expansion is planned for 10 million households.

The Danish Energy Agency commissioned Sweco as the project’s technical advisor including preparation of tender documents and evaluation of bidders. The project, which covers functional and technical design to facilitate future innovations on the island, has involved a broad group of Sweco experts. Sweco’s team of engineers within ports, geotechnics, energy, and architecture produces the reports and data analysis that lay the foundation for the tender and ownership of the future island.

The project marks the shift from fossil to renewable energy in Denmark, while also demonstrating the great potential of offshore wind power. With the contribution from the energy island Denmark will produce more renewable energy than it consumes, and the surplus can support the energy transition of other countries.

The energy island marks the transition of our society from being based on fossil fuels to purely sustainable energy and solutions. We see it in this project as well as in many other projects Sweco is involved in. I’m not sure this is clear to the public, but a huge technological milestone in energy and sustainability is within reach. Change is coming! – Tore Lucht, Business Unit Manager in Ports & Geotechnics, Sweco Denmark