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UN17 Village, Copenhagen, Denmark

The world’s first village built using UN 17 blueprint is located in the Danish capital, Copenhagen.


Project fast facts

Ørestad, Copenhagen, Denmark
In progress
35.000 sqm
Cooperation partners
Lendager Group, Moe Rådgivende Ingeniører, Arup Rådgivende Ingeniører

From the last remaining building plot in Ørestad, located in southern Copenhagen, a new village will rise over the coming years. A project with a unique approach to sustainability, that will set new standards for sustainable construction. UN17 Village will be the first project ever to interpret all of UN’s 17 sustainable development goals into concrete actions in one building project.

UN17 Village will be one of the world’s most ambitious sustainable building projects and will extend the boundaries of how to integrate sustainable solutions in building design.

Sustainability integrated in building design

Sustainability was a central success criterion in the design of UN17 Village. The ambition for the project has been to use all of UN’s 17 SDG’s as the guiding principle in the design of the new village. Thus, health, climate, biodiversity and social inclusion were important factors, when the Danish ‘By & Havn’ chose our client and UN17 Village as the winners of the project to develop the last remaining building plot in Ørestad.

UN17 Village comprises five buildings that measure a total of 35,000 m2 and will house more than 800 people. UN17 Village is designed with a variety of housing types, which together provide the basis for a diverse and strong neighbourhood, where anybody regardless of family structure and age can live. Diversity is a central element in UN17 Village – for example, the village’s apartments are designed to accommodate the 37 different Danish family types.

Recycled materials and renewable energy

UN17 Village will be constructed in recycled building materials with a minimum of degasification, and when the project is completed, it will meet some of the highest demands to achieve physical and mental health. UN17 Village will use 100 % renewable energy sources and be able to collect 1.5 million litres of rainwater per year for recycling and recreational use. In addition, UN17 Village will further develop the area’s landscape qualities by focusing on recreational use of water, planting, biodiversity and wildlife.

The new neighbourhood will get be located at the tip of Ørestad, which is characterized by its the transition between Ørestad’s existing buildings and the natural attractions of Amager Nature Park. The project will conclude 25 years of development of the Copenhagen district Ørestad South.


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