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Metro system in Paris and Stockholm


Société du Grand Paris and Region Stockholm


France and Sweden


Transportation infrastructure, engineering, architecture, environment


Vision of Järla station, one of the future stations in Stockholm’s new metro. Illustration: Region Stockholm/Sweco

Better public transport in growing cities reduces emissions

As urbanisation continues, the need for efficient, sustainable and accessible public transport increases. In addition, public transport helps to expand labour market regions and reduce carbon emissions. Extending metro lines in Europe’s major cities encourages public transportation and offers citizens additional accessibility as well as other benefits.

With more than 6,000 experts in transport infrastructure, Sweco is one of the world’s largest players in the field and has assignments in several European metro projects, including in Paris, France and Stockholm, Sweden.

I am delighted Sweco is supporting the shift to public transport in Paris. The ambition of the Grand Paris Express responds as much to the mobility needs as to the quality of the city and the quality of life in general. –  Erwin Malcorps, Business Area President Sweco Belgium

The Grand Paris Express metro network will save 27 million tonnes of CO2

The metro network in Paris is being extended to connect the suburbs and several strategic locations such as the regional airports and the Olympic stadium, without passing through central Paris.

Sweco is responsible for the design and engineering of three new metro stations along line 17 North, and the design of the north tunnel crossing the international airport Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Sweco is also providing project management and detailed design for two maintenance sites as well as the engineering of the second part of line 18, consisting of a viaduct and 3 overhead stations. For line 16 , Sweco’s expertise is being called upon for the BIM process.

11 new kilometres of track in the Stockholm metro with safe and attractive stations

In Sweden, Sweco is working on a number of assignments linked to the expansion of Stockholm’s metro. The investment is an important piece of the puzzle in a fast-growing Stockholm and will lead to greatly improved public transport. 11 kilometers of new track is set to be built, making it the largest investment in the Stockholm metro in modern times. One of the stations will be as deep as 100 meters underground.

Sweco’s assignment is to design 11 kilometers of new track as well as seven stations and interchanges. The aim is to create attractive, safe and comfortable stations. It is also important that the stations give an architectural impression of our time and are perceived as attractive even in fifty years’ time.