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Lidl’s first wooden store in Finland


Lidl Finland



United Nations sustainable development goal number 7 - affordable and clean energy
United Nations sustainable development goal number 11 - sustainable cities and communities
United Nations sustainable development goal number 13 - climate action

Lidl is constantly working to reduce its climate impact with the aim to become carbon neutral during 2022. With its pilot store in Riihimäki, wooden construction is being explored as a way to create more sustainable store buildings.

Sweco was responsible for overall design of the pilot store. Entirely new construction solutions were required due to the unusually large proportion of wood to be used. All load-bearing and stiffening structures of the building are made of PEFC-certified wood, with the exception of foundations, flooring and emergency shelter.

As a client, we were impressed by the collaboration between Sweco and the manufacturer, says Head of Property Antti Isokoski from Lidl. The OneSweco model was translated into swift action, ease and clarity. We never had to wonder who we should be in contact with. The pilot strengthens our goal of making wooden construction a genuine alternative.

The result is a store built on a unique wooden structure run entirely on green energy, with a circular heating system and its own renewable energy from 270 solar panels located on the store roof.

The lifecycle costs and carbon footprint were calculated in advance. 502 m3 of wood were used

and the wooden construction reduces the building’s climate impact 25 per cent as compared with steel and cement. The solar panels provide around ten per cent of the store’s electricity requirements and help further reduce its climate impact by nearly 10 tonnes CO2 annually.

Although the store follows Lidl’s familiar standard store concept and customer experience, it can also be instantly identified as a wooden building. Timber pillars and beams have been left visible indoors, as well as ridging as an effect. In addition, the wood paneling on the façade speaks of the presence of wood immediately at the entrance. – Susanna Friman, Project Manager and Structural designer at Sweco.