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ERTMS paves the way for high-speed trains in Europe


Väylävirasto, the Finnish transport infrastructure agency, ProRail, the Dutch railway, Trafikverket, the Swedish transport administration and Deutsche Bahn, the national railway company in Germany


Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany


Transportation infrastructure, mobility

Digitalisation of Europe’s rail network enables high-speed trains

A digital signaling system for managing rail traffic, the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), is being rolled out across Europe’s rail network. This single European signaling and speed control system ensures interoperability of the national railway systems, reducing the purchasing and maintenance costs of the signaling systems as well as increasing the speed of trains, the capacity of infrastructure and the level of safety in rail transport.

Sweco has been commissioned to implement ERTMS in Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. With more than 6,000 experts in transport infrastructure, Sweco is one of the world’s largest players in the field.

ERTMS allows trains to be tracked in real time, Previously, trains were tracked when passing specific measurement points. The system can also provide speed information, the type of freight on board and how disruptions or delays may affect other trains.

A sustainable and accessible transport system is a necessity to connect communities efficiently and attractively. ERTMS is an important modernisation of the railways in Europe that will also make an already green transport solution even greener by reducing CO2 emissions.

Kajsa Rosén, Business Unit Manager Rail at Sweco Sweden

In brief about the European ERTMS projects Sweco is working on

In Finland, Sweco has a framework agreement which includes design of railway connections, electrification and catenaries, signaling and ERTMS implementation. In the Netherlands, Sweco has a framework agreement which includes engineering, testing and commissioning of ERTMS in the Groningen part of the Northern lines. In Sweden, Sweco has been commissioned to design the implementation of ERTMS at key junctions in the southern part of the country. In Germany, Sweco is working on several railway projects where the European Train Control System (ETCS) is being planned, which is a component of ERTMS.