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Interim report January – June 2020 Sweco AB (PUBL)

July 16, 2020 Interim report

April – June 2020     Net sales increased to SEK 5,489 million (5,214) EBITA increased to SEK 495 million (422), margin 9.0 per cent (8.1) EBIT increased to SEK 439 million (398), margin 8.0 per cent (7.6) Profit after tax increased to SEK 319 million (281), corresponding to SEK 2.70 per share (2.39) January – June 2020    … Read more

Cities need to build resilience towards increasingly common heatwaves

July 1, 2020 Press release

Extreme heat events will increase in intensity, frequency and duration in the future. The effects of these and other climate changes are becoming increasingly tangible in our fast-growing, densely populated cities. Meanwhile, Europeans are getting older. The number of people older than 65 is rapidly increasing, with those aged over 80 expected to more than… Read more

Planning for increasing density and climate hazards – how do we create resilient societies?

June 10, 2020 Press release

In a time of social distancing, talking about densification is challenging. While any correlation between urban density and the spread of Covid-19 still is unsure, cities and towns must nonetheless address the current and future threats of pandemics just as urgently as the threats from extreme weather events such as heatwaves, droughts and heavy rainfall. … Read more

Interim report January – March 2020 Sweco AB (PUBL)

May 15, 2020 Interim report

January – March 2020 Net sales increased to SEK 5,680 million (5,101) EBITA increased to SEK 630 million (531), margin 11.1 per cent (10.4) EBIT increased to SEK 615 million (537), margin 10.8 per cent (10.5) Net debt increased to SEK 2,225 million (1,706) Net debt/EBITDA increased to 1.0 x (0.8) Profit after tax increased… Read more

Resolutions at Sweco AB’s Annual General Meeting and resolution on repurchase and transfer of treasury shares

April 23, 2020 Press release

The Annual General Meeting in Sweco AB on April 23, 2020 passed resolutions on the following: Board of Directors and dividend The annual general meeting resolved, as proposed by the nomination committee, that the Board of Directors shall be comprised of seven Directors elected by the general meeting and that no Deputy Directors shall be… Read more

Sweco’s Board of Directors adjusts its dividend proposal

April 21, 2020 Press release

As announced previously, Sweco’s financial position remains strong, with good liquidity and a project portfolio that is relatively unaffected by Covid-19. In the prevailing circumstances, however, it is not possible to estimate the full impact of Covid-19 on the company.  The proposal should therefore be viewed as a precaution aimed at safeguarding Sweco’s financial strength… Read more

Sweco part of designing a new tramline in Helsinki

April 8, 2020 Press release

“I am extremely happy that Sweco will be part of developing sustainable public transportation in the Helsinki region. This will improve the everyday life for thousands of people. Sweco is the leading railway design expert in Northern Europe and the assignment is an important contribution to growing cities that need to reach their carbon neutral… Read more

Effects of Covid-19 and announced measures

April 6, 2020 Press release

Sweco has so far experienced limited impact on the business due to Covid-19. The company is acting according to decisions and recommendations from governments and authorities on all our markets and with the well-being of employees as the highest priority.  A large part of the employees is at this point working remotely. With a high… Read more

Sweco’s Annual Report 2019

April 2, 2020 Annual report

Sweco’s Annual Report for 2019 has been published and is now available at www.swecogroup.com and in the attached file. Read more

Limiting infrastructure carbon emissions is key to solving the climate crisis

March 31, 2020 Press release

For the first time ever, the Global Risks Report 2020 presented before the World Economic Forum, which reports on the greatest risk perceptions of 750 experts and decision makers around the world, shows that the top five fears are all climate related. At the same time governments, major cities and large organisations around the world… Read more

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