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Sweco Annual and Sustainability Report 2023

Sweco Annual and Sustainability Report 2023

Ernst Henry pier

Message from the CEO

Sweco is growing in pace with Europe’s green transition.

For us, 2023 was a testament to Sweco’s strength and innovative power. The year was characterised by acceleration of the green transition due to the geopolitical situation, with Europe wanting greater control over supply, energy and value chains while a weaker economy impacted parts of our market. Political priorities and the climate transition have increased the willingness to invest in the industrial and energy sectors, and Sweco has successfully navigated this landscape.

We have won major projects in the infrastructure, water, environment and energy, and have demonstrated our adaptability by shifting resources and expertise from areas with lower demand, such as residential and commercial property, to other sectors. I am proud to note that, with our 22,000 employees, we are consolidating our position as Europe’s largest architecture and engineering consultancy.

Åsa Bergman CEO

Sustainability at Sweco

Solving the greatest societal challenges of our time is more relevant and inspiring than ever before. Together with our clients and employees, we shape the sustainable communities and cities of the future.