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Published: September 30, 2021

Health and well-being in urban environments

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Are you interested in the planning and development of future sustainable societies? Listen to leading experts discuss the biggest challenges and solutions in building healthy buildings today and in the future, in this episode of Sweco’s Urban Insight Podcast Series.

Published: October 6, 2021

Future energy storage

Climate change is affecting citizens in every country, on every continent, all around the world. Reforming our energy system is one of the most important measures to mitigate climate change. An important aspect of this is energy storage. Only three per cent of our power capacity is being stored globally. To limit global warming below 2°C, energy storage capacity needs to triple by 2050.

There are a number of promising energy storage technologies that can be adopted for future urban energy systems. These include geothermal storage, portable hydrogen storage and new types of batteries. There is no “one-size fits-all solution” however, which is why a combination of day-to day and seasonal storage is needed.

In our Urban Insight report “Beyond the tipping point: Future Energy Storage”, Sweco experts imagine a future urban energy system that addresses how to smoothly introduce renewable sources in the electricity grid, and examines the increased demand for energy on the go.

Published: October 1, 2021

Inauguration of Swedish pavilion at Expo in Dubai

On October 1st, the Swedish pavilion was inaugurated with a speech by the Commissioner General Jan Thesleff. The guests were able to listen to the vision behind the pavilion from the architects, meet the construction team who built the pavilion, as well as meet other key team members behind the Swedish Expo pavilion.

Liselott Andersson, Ambassador of Sweden to the UAE and H.E Maryam Majid bin Theneya, Federal National Council Member cut the ribbon for the grand opening of ‘The Forest’ under the theme of ´Co-creation for innovation´.

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