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Webinar: Towards circularity – sharing and scaling up the accelerators

May 9, 2022 | News

Welcome to Sweco’s panel discussion `Towards circularity – sharing and scaling up the accelerators`.

Watch the panel discussion

Sweco has been accredited to participate in the summit Stockholm+50 and in connection to the UN conference we arrange a panel discussion 3rd of June with focus on urgent action, best practises and how to scale up together. The aim is to address global challenges, such as climate change and resource scarcity, with the circular economy as a catalyst for transformative change in societies and economies around the world.

Panel guests

  • Inês Costa, Former State Secretary for Environment in Portugal, circular economy and industrial ecology expert
  • Olga Kordas, Viable Cities Programme Manager and Associate Professor of Sustainable Urban Development at KTH
  • Esteban Munoz, Data Scientist in the Cities Unit of UN Environment Programme
  • Catharina Belfrage Sahlstrand, Group Head of Sustainability and Climate action, Handelsbanken
  • Karin Kronhöffer, Director Strategy and Communication Swedfund
  • Pär Larshans, Director of Sustainability Ragn-Sells
  • Svante Axelsson, National coordinator Fossil Free Sweden
  • Anders Egelrud, CEO of Stockholm Exergi
  • Andreas Gyllenhammar, Chief Sustainability Officer at Sweco, will be the moderator for the panel

Together with experts in the panel we discuss how you work to increase resilience in those parts of the world where climate change is already affecting the lives of millions of people.

Highlighting societies largest challenges, urgent needs to deliver more proactive support, policy- and decision-making and action-oriented discussion together with good examples where sustainable business is supported by circular solutions. Also, discussing how the ambition of 100 Climate Neutral Cities works towards increased climate resilience. Drawing upon some good examples where climate neutrality is attained by circular solutions for efficient use of resources, reuse, and recycling.

The systematic shift towards a circular economy will be fundamental to keep us within the planetary boundaries. However, as science has made clear, the window of opportunity is closing. The need for speed is urgent. In order to transform society fast enough we need to identify and address the barriers towards positive change.

About Stockholm+50

In June 2022, the UN will organize the Stockholm+50 summit, hosted by Sweden, together with Kenya. It is then fifty years since the UN’s first environmental conference, the Stockholm Conference in 1972. The ambition is to celebrate the 50th anniversary, but also to help increase the pace of the transition to sustainable and green societies, more jobs, and an environment in balance for all, where no one is left out.


Anna Elisabeth Olsson

Head of Press and Public Affairs