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Sweco to develop hydropower in Europe and Africa

December 22, 2014 | Press release

Sweco is carrying out more international assignments in pace with the increased global demand for hydropower as an energy source. This quarter, Sweco has been commissioned for hydropower assignments valued at over SEK 150 million.

”For Sweco, these assignments demonstrate that we are involved very definitely in the international conversion to renewable energy systems. The reason hydropower is strengthening its position is because it’s regarded as a stable, reliable energy source, since it can be stored and adjusted to electricity demand and to variations in other types of electricity production,” says Kaj Möller, Head of Export at Sweco.

In Turkey, Sweco was selected for a brand new hydropower plant that will greatly enhance the country’s electricity supply. In Latvia, in conjunction with renovations to the hydropower plants that produce around 60 per cent of the country’s energy, Sweco was commissioned to modernise one of the largest plants and thereby secure renewable energy production in Latvia far into the future. In Tanzania and Mozambique, Sweco was recently selected for prestudy and modernization of existing hydropower plants to increase capacity and extend useful life.

”Hydropower is one of Sweco’s strongest suits. We’ve been involved in developing Swedish hydropower for the past 100 years and, through our continuous international assignments, have gained unrivalled experience that is in demand in the global market,” says Kaj Möller.

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Anna Elisabeth Olsson

Head of Press and Public Affairs